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At XRayTech.com, our goal is to create the most complete and honest resource for students interested in pursuing a x ray tech education that is also user friendly. Our site not only gives you the raw facts and statistics on x ray tech, but also personal experiences and advice regarding x ray tech education and working as a x ray tech professional, all in an effort to provide you with everything you need to decide whether or not studying x ray tech is right for you.

Our site is anchored around a complete and forthright expert discussion regarding x ray tech. Through this dialogue, our resident expert, Crystal Bromeling, aims to methodically and comprehensively answer any and all questions you may have regarding the study of x ray tech. She makes it a point to highlight the issues you should be aware of at the outset, so, should you decide to pursue x ray tech, there will be minimal surprises and you will know exactly what to expect. A Question & Answers database is maintained by Crystal Bromeling in order to add to the conversation on x ray tech.

We also have an exclusive aptitude quiz that you can take to find out if you are suited for a career in x ray tech. Our short test is just 10 questions. It is specially designed to aid you in evaluating your personality, in order to determine if you have the attributes necessary to succeed as a x ray tech professional.

Our site also features 3 x ray tech student, professor and professional interviews. Through these interviews, our goal is to provide you with an insider’s look at both x ray tech education and x ray tech jobs. The information you will glean from these interviews is invaluable. In addition, we have a particularly helpful video interview with a xray technician, Georgia Schmidt. She shares practical advice to help you in your pursuit of a x ray tech education.

After studying applied science at Rochester Community and Technical College and radiologic technology at the Mayo School of Health Sciences, Crystal Bromeling earned a bachelors of science in health sciences from South University in 2012. She has been a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists since 2006; earlier this year, she became a member of the Minnesota Society of Radiologic Technologists. Her former employers include Argosy University, Cannon Falls Medical Center and the Mayo Clinic.